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Best In Show 2006
L-R: Canigou Classic Rock JW (RBIS), Canigou Classic Cliche JW (BIS), Fendrove Joy Rider (BPIS)

DCC & BIS Bentley's Canigou Classic Cliche JW
RDCC Brookes' Lochdene Pinpoint To Kyrenia JW
BPD Wyeth's Claramand On Fire At Fendrove
BMPD Collins' Candyke Glory Road

BCC & RBIS Bentley's Canigou Classic Rock JW
RBCC Amos-Jones' Cassom Athene JW
BPB, BMPB, BPIS Wyeth's Fendrove Joy Rider

Total Entry: 361 Cockers

DOGS (Judge:Mrs S Platt)

AOC Puppy
1 Bitcon Let's Dance TAF
2 Grovern Crowmere Country Bumkin
3 Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
4 Judena St Louis Blues
5 Cutel Carefree

AOC Novice
1 Wilmerella King's Legacy
2 Olibond Tradewind Over Branflic
3 Shenmore Spruce At Derrindee
4 Abilou Starlight of Lunetta
5 Gilcar Silver Lining

AOC Graduate
1 Wensum Blues And Twos JW
2 Candyke Diamond White JW
3 W King's Legacy
4 Delaneige Flashback To Claramand
5 Shenmore Star Myth JW

AOC Open
1 Lindridge Moonweaver
2 Alisma Alzaghe
3 Christiol Ace of Spades with Oramiss
4 Top Gun De La Coquiniere

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Marquell Moving Glance At Pearkim
2 Glantraeth Moonshine
3 Markassa Amber Dream
4 Jacmist Joker Jack
5 Damasand Dark Ripple Through Hollymead

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Asquannes Marquell Acclaim
2 Claramand Serious Black
3 Craigdean Raven Tan Do
4 Donatal Cabana
5 Marada Amarillo

Black/B&T Novice
1 Manchela Party Trick JW ShCM
2 Nicibec Now Ur Talkin
3 Quettadene Night Watchman Over Amaranth
4 Notrella Jacob's Ladder
5 Zareepiott Emperor

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Sunzo Soft Shoe Shuffle
2 Notrella Athenian Night
3 Pendledell Salvatore JW ShCM
4 Donatal Deejay
5 Molkara Allegiance To Silverdust

Black/B&T Open
1 Lochdene Pinpoint To Kyrenia JW  RCC
2 Claramand Chances Are For Christiol
3 Tipperlin Stuntman
4 Manchela Black Fox With Aumyra

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Clarmand On Fire At Fendrove  BPD
2 Rayol Spanish Gold With Jozelah
3 Mollnme Tru Colours
4 Centre Point To Debcot

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Macbrenwar Paddington Peru

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Vesuve De Deux Camelias
2 Quettadene Warm Welcome
3 Asquannes Goldstein At Franaille
4 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sh Ch Lochranza For Your Eyes Only
2 (Sh Ch) Claramand X-Factor JW

Any Colour

1 Beligar Special Effect At Rayol
2 Rancecraig Pickpocket
3 Judena Moonraker
4 Falconers Cotillion of Ware
5 Cardamine Hot Potato

Minor Puppy
1 Candyke Glory Road
2 Shanaz Stramash
3 Dralla Dettori
4 Forestpine Charmer At Chavez
5 Speechouse San Andre

1 Chavez Chasing Rainbows
2 Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
3 A Marquell Acclaim
4 Sharemead Single Malt
5 Lynshow Miller's

1 Canigou Classic Cliche JW  DCC & BIS
2 Molkara Allegiance To Silverdust
3 Cardamine Couch Potato
4 Shenmore Spruce At Derrindee
5 Towbray Rythm And Blues

1 Molkara Maserati JW
2 Quettadene Warm Welcome
3 Notrella Athenian Night
4 Cardamine Couch Potato
5 Christiol Ace of Spades With Oramiss

1 Olibond Tradewind Over Branflic
2 Judena St Louis Blues
3 Notrella Jacobs Ladder
4 Withiflor Wing Commander

1 Nicibec Now Ur Talkin
2 Jacmist Parker
3 Quilmhair Strathspey
4 Gilcar Silver Lining
5 Chataway Rock Star

Special Beginners
1 Candyke Don't Think Feel
2 Notrella Athenian Night
3 Pontisbright Hi Ho Silver
4 Molkara Allegiance To Silverdust
5 Claramand Inferno At Christiol

1 Kenan Warrantee JW
2 Classicway Chinwag At Rosbercon JW
3 Merryhaze Midas Touch By Claramand
4 Withiflor White Friar
5 Annilan Mister Ron JW

Minor Limit
1 Wensum I'm Your Man JW
2 Lynshow Kraigwitha-K ShCM
3 Atherbron I'm Always Trouble JW ShCM
4 Rayol Archimedes
5 Claramand Chances Are For Christiol

1 Terriles Tonuelo JW
2 Chavez Country Bumkin ShCM
3 (Sh Ch) Tierra Highlander JW
4 Nicibec Harvest Glow
5 Riondel Manhattan Serenade ShCM

1 Sh Ch Kyna Huckleberry Finn JW
2 Sh Ch Claramand Rock N Roll With Molkara JW
3 Wilmerella King's Legacy
4 Top Gun De La Coquiniere
5 Falconers Cotillian of Ware


BITCHES (Judge:Mrs J Marris-Bray)

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Rayol Almas
2 Claramand Luvinit Luvinit
3 Totenkopf Cast A Spell at Boglebrig
4 Quilmhair Magie Noir
5 Pendledell Pandora

Black/B&T Novice
1 Snowgate Lucky Dip
2 Kenan Kapers
3 Waterwood Loveable Trouble At Atherbron
4 Blenkarn Bucks Fizz

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Judika Windchime
2 Claramand Jitterbug
3 Dillonpark Darianne JW
4 Pendeldell Evangeline

Black/B&T Open
Entry Absent

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Boglebrig A New Beginning
2 More Than Naughty At Atherbron
3 Jimmison Sungleam
4 Kenmillquin Perfect Topaz At Rozabaron

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Delindere Nordic Maid
2 Claramand In Gold
3 Fonesse Flake

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Lynwater Wren
2 Whirlaw Lady Isabella
3 Claramand In Gold
4 Wensum Chloe
5 Blenkarn Honey Glow

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Claramand B-Having At Merryhaze
2 Camceb Spun Gold

AOC Puppy
1 Shanaz Breenge
2 Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
3 Maxway Frivolous Lady At Joaldy
4 Shellcoast Shiraz
5 Merryhaze Martini

AOC Novice
1 Nulea Forget Me Not
2 Oramiss Naughty But Nice
3 Rosbercon Ribbon Dancer
4 Glenlismore Star of Destiny
5 Freestone Fingerscrossed

AOC Graduate
1 Daltonare Dusty Dane
2 Grovern Gypsy
3 Jardinisle Sensation
4 Meakwood Mystic Memory
5 Shenmore Secret Wish At Bartomy

AOC Open
1 Glowhill Miss Match
2 Avandora Ms Dynamite JW
3 Joaldy Maggie May
4 Terriles Tamsin At Merryhaze

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Moonshine Nightime Solace At Charmwen JW
2 Springstein Wish Upon A Star
3 Craigleith Modern Millie At Princehill
4 Stone of Destiny

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Ashenberry Allsocks At Suvern

1 Sh Ch Wilmerella Wayward JW  BVIS
2 Reemif From Bramble Thorns
3 Carhowel Copyright
4 Camceb Honeysuckle
5 Kyrenia Golden Times

Minor Puppy
1 Fendrove Joy Rider  BPB & BPIS
2 Dillonpark Ambrogina
3 Annilann Miss Isle
4 Lujesa De La Soul
5 Olibond Tiger Lily

1 Castanea Sweet Surrender
2 Zareepiott Angel Eyes
3 Lujesa Dolce Piselli
4 Rayol Arietis At Rozabaron
5 Suvern Sing Song At Lapidary

1 Canigou Classic Rock JW  BCC & RBIS
2 Towbray Twist And Shout
3 Shanaz Doddle
4 Kyna Officer Flossy
5 Break The Spell

1 Cassome Athene JW  RCC
2 Jardinisle Etiquette
3 Lynwater Golden Plover
4 Daltonare Dusty Dane
5 Lapidary Aint She Sweet At Meakwood

1 Zareepiott Shady Lady
2 Jayzander Jonquil
3 Robraine Serena Of Annashonn
4 Freestone Fingerscrossed
5 Towbray Rock N Roll

1 Sarabar Loco Lola
2 Delindere She's A Moody Blu
3 Claramand Kiss-Kiss

Special Beginners
1 Charbonnel Promises Of Keladity
2 Claramand Thriller Queen For Delindere
3 Asquannes Grania With Franaille
4 Willowroan Silver Lady
5 Tipperlin Velvet Morning

1 Glowhill Love Actually
2 Jardinisle Admiration
3 Wilmerella Will O The Wisp Of Classicway
4 Penmartan Turn Back Time
5 Annilann Miss Tick Meg

Minor Limit
1 Broachdale Athena Blue JW
2 Quettadene Be Charming
3 Marquell Miss Marple JW
4 Cardamine Bring Me Love

1 Kendalwood Concept
2 Fonesse Fabiola
3 Ashalon Foxy Lady JW
4 Lochranza Posh Socks At Jayzander JW
5 Quilmhair Piob Mhor

1 Ir Sh Ch Shanaz Peever
2 Meakwood Mystic Memory
3 Freestone Fingerscrossed
4 Avandora Blue Moon Over Reemif
5 Stone of Destiny

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