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Best In Show line up 2009

DCC & RBIS: Wildman & Fowle's Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket To Ride JW
RDCC: Jones & Simmonds' Shenmore Sunny Jim
BPD & BPIS: Spencer's Terriles Tessin
BMPD: Maclean's Lynwater Brandy Truffle

BVD: Pearce-Gudger's Marquell Moving Glance At Pearkim

BCC & BIS: Bentley's Canigou Rock Chick
RBCC: Ewan's Craigdean Emakokr
BPB: Ewan's Craigdean Emakokr
BMPB: Ward's Wensum Girls Aloud
BVB & BVIS: Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle

Total Entry: 373 dogs

DOGS (Judge:Mr K Costello)

AOC Puppy
1 Manchela Born To Be Wild
2 Craigdean Axle
3 Weeping Willows Day Lami
4 Shirlannor Suited N Booted
5 Judena Dixieland Blues

AOC Novice
1 Craigdean Axle
2 Tipperlin Torchwood
3 Beckaby Lunar Shadow
4 Jardinisle Heartbreaker
5 Tvaeraa Kings Ransom

AOC Graduate
1 Annilann Mister Ral JW
2 Lynwater Sea Star
3 Nulea Over The Moon JW
4 Rancecraig Romeo
5 Trimtops Country Boy

AOC Open
1 Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket To Ride JW
2 Sh Ch Lindridge Moon Catcher
3 Merryhaze Blue Moon Over Helenwood
4 Ryallcourt Pie-D Piper
5 Craigdean Franks A Million At Luanshya

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Shenmore Sunny Jim
2 Dralla The Orange Maverick At Pearkim
3 Worlewood Aint No Sunshine
4 Cardamine Rainbow Tyke At Brimbeck

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Coedcernyw Campion
2 Claramand In Line
3 Amaclassic Total Knockout
4 Charbonnel First Design
5 Lochranza Ptarmigan

Black/B&T Novice
1 Quettadene Freelander
2 Sunnerset Midnight Gamble At Atherbron
3 Fleurisse Heathcliff
4 Jalankiu Nik Nak

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Chataway Gilroy TAF
2 Charbonnel War Hero
3 Sunzo Stomp
4 Sheigra Starstruck JW
5 Lochranza Red Gauntlets

Black/B&T Open
1 Claramand Chico Time
2 Sh Ch Chavez Royal Liason JW
3 Notrella Jacob's Ladder ShCM
4 Don Pedro Vesminku
5 Totenkopf RocknRobin with Gwbert ShCM

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Lujesa Casablanca
2 Claramand Back In Time
3 Totenkopf Dutch Dubloon

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Sharemead Golden Syrup
2 Totenkopf Dutch Dubloon

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Lochdene Bravado At Kyrenia
2 Jannor's Last Samurai At Merryhaze
3 Wensum Dashing Diamond JW
4 Totenkopf Pure Moonlight
5 Duc Des Magretz Du Bois

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Lujesa Ecstacy JW
2 Molkara Tamarillo
3 Robraine Sulamani (AI) JW
4 Weeping Willow's Crackerjack

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Molkara Tamarillo

1 Marquell Moving Glance At Pearkim
2 Candyke Tennessee Moon
3 Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack

Minor Puppy
1 Lynwater Brandy Truffle
2 Molkara Exige
3 Claramand Back In Time
4 Wensum Razorlight
5 Pipliz Lord Of The Dance

1 Terriles Tessin
2 Courtmaster King Of Swing
3 Kyrenia Phoenix Of Northquest
4 Manchela Born To Be Wild
5 Cassom Rock Star

1 Sharemead Golden Syrup
2 Shanaz Sporran
3 Lynwater Rising Glow At Ryallcourt
4 Kyna Mr Bo Jangles
5 Riondel Riddick's Cronical From Furians

1 Cassom Hey Jude JW
2 Kyrenia Myosotis Mark
3 Riondel Riddick's Cronical From Furians
4 Ferrersedge Cut The Mustard
5 Zakova Silver Surfer At Evaremoc

1 Sunnerset Midnight Gamble At Atherbron
2 Durandabell Monet
3 Beckaby Lunar Shadow
4 Lochranza Capercaille
5 Kyrenia First Star For Springstein

1 Caron Custard Cream For Mollyfleck
2 Riondel Caribbean Voyager
3 Jayzander Trick Or Treat
4 Jardinisle Heartbreaker
5 Black Runer Of Brimbeck

Special Beginners
1 Olibond Peter Pan
2 Quintavia Star Stopper JW
3 Glowhill Young Gun At Sanmatayo
4 Castanea Top Hat N Tails
5 Trimtops Country Boy

1 Manacas Learn Life's Ropes At Charbonnel (IMP SWE)
2 Claramand Masquerade For Jozelah
3 Terriles Toyomasa
4 Sharemead Squadron Leader
5 Annashonn Mr Trick A Treat JW

Minor Limit
1 Canyonn Classic Welcome JW
2 Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3 Wildvale Rioja

1 Charbonnel Swedish Design JW
2 Courtmaster White Wizard
3 Kyrenia Myosotis Mark
4 Weirdene Winning Sweep
5 Kelbonny Go Dutch

1 Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest
2 Sh Ch Glentree Zanette JW
3 Lapidary Freelander
4 Lapidary Revolution JW ShCM
5 Wensum Blues And Two JW ShCM


BITCHES (Judge:Mrs J Rowland)

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Sarabar Sonny's Delight
2 Charbonnel Lisette
3 Lujesa Dolce Fiore For Keladity
4 Coedcernyw Cameo

Black/B&T Novice
1 Lujesa Bee Teelicious
2 Kyrenia Fancy Footwork
3 Glentree Ruby Slippers
4 Sunnerset Lady Moonlight At Atherbron
5 Weirdene Why Not Worry

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Asquanne Germaine (AI)
2 Sunzo Soprano
3 Sharemead Sugar Babe
4 Kaniboo Sheeza Dreamer
5 Weirdene Why Not Worry

Black/B&T Open
1 Sh Ch Asquanne Ginelle JW
2 Quettadene Seeing Stars
3 Briketka Vesminku

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Glentree Bebe Amour
2 Penbuff Star Dancer

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Sharemead Sticky Toffee
2 Macjessie Freebie To Dandyjan
3 Kyrenia Myosotis Millicient At Atherbron
4 Fleurisse Apricot Kiss
5 Weirdene Wish I'd Been Docked

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Weirdene Whispered Promise
2 Kenan Summer Soltice
3 Whirlaw Lady Luella
4 Lochdene Jemma From Grandtully
5 Oramiss Goldilocks

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Lochranza Specially Made For Trentshome
2 Whirlaw Lady Isabella

AOC Puppy
1 Craigdean Emakokr
2 Courtmaster Hellsapoppin
3 Classicway Chorus Girl
4 Canyonn Chances To Dream
5 Molkara Silver Laced

AOC Novice
1 Craigdean Emakokr
2 Kendalwood Quicksilver
3 Marquell Mind Your Business
4 Alisma Antoinessa
5 Charbonnel Hide N Seek With Cachel

AOC Graduate
1 Manchela Freisa JW
2 Royaldean Don't Stop Da Music
3 Jardinisle Secret Liason
4 Glowhill Cheeky Chic
5 Quintavia Stars In Her Eyes JW

AOC Open
1 Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Shanaz Peever
2 Sh Ch Carmelfair Silver Chalice JW
3 Charbonnel Sugar N Spice For Amaranth
4 Sandlauga Enchantment

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Am Ch Whitfield's Tri And Stop Me (IMP USA)
2 Moonshine Nightime Solace At Charmwen JW
3 Jayzander Strands Of Gold
4 Lindridge Tiger Lily At Meldyke
5 Terriles Tickled Pink For Syrmor

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Ashenberry Allsocks At Suvern
2 Briketka Vesminku

1 Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle
2 Sh Ch Othamcourt Sunkist At Cascadia JW ShCM
3 Kyrenia Golden Times
4 Craigleith Modern Millie At Princehill

Minor Puppy
1 Wensum Girls Aloud
2 Canyonn Chances Are
3 Glowhill Bella Marie
4 Alisma Arlene
5 Fleurisse Promises

1 Shenmore Sara Smile
2 Charbonnel Nicolette
3 Molkara Gold Laced
4 Helenwood Could Be Magic
5 Classicway Chorus Girl

1 Canigou Rock Chick
2 Caron Celtic Season
3 Marquell Make N Issue
4 Riondel Moonlight Memories
5 Sharemead Sticky Toffee

1 Shanaz Nifty
2 Asquanne Generation Gap (AI) JW
3 Lynwater Vanity Fair
4 Weyhill Cristelle
5 Pearkim Paradis

1 Chavez Royal Pursuit
2 Lujesa Bee Teelicious
3 Quintavia Rock N Rose
4 Caron Clearly Charming
5 Sunnerset Lady Moonlight At Atherbron

1 Canigou Grace And Favour
2 Weirdene Whispered Promise

Special Beginners
1 Charbonnel Dream Design JW
2 Lawnswae Ribbon
3 Lujesa Casellina At Chimewood
4 Claramand Cilla Black At Oramiss
5 Quintavia Phoebe At Sayajirao

1 Helenwood Crystal Maze
2 Lindridge Carnival Queen
3 Jardinisle Class Act
4 Canyonn Classic Touch JW
5 Castanea Wild N Wicked

Minor Limit
1 Withiflor Shining ShCM
2 Cascadia Cin N Gin JW
3 Lujesa Speciosa ShCM
4 Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow
5 Marada Glow Of Elegance At Hebdene

1 Manchela Love Story JW
2 Helenwood Dazzlyn
3 Wensum Billie Holiday
4 Lujesa Daniella At Weyhill
5 Penmartan Turn Back Time

1 Sh Ch Lujesa Touch The Sky JW
2 Sh Ch Castanea Sweet Surrender To Terriles
3 Cascadia China White At Benira
4 Lujesa Casellina At Chimewood
5 Claramand Cilla Black With Oramiss


The Phylis Masters Special Brace Class
Judge: Mr J Cahill (Yardew)
1 Mr & Mrs A Webster
2 Mrs S Cox
3 Ms C A West
4 Mrs J E Mitchell
5 Mesdames Wilding & Gillespie

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