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July 14th 2019

BIS Championship Show 2019
photo © TMorgan Animal Photography
L-R: Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW, Sh Ch Annilann Miss Zing JW, Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna

Dogs: Miss P Whitehead (Ryallcourt) Bitches: Mr D Shapland (Deracor) Referee: Mrs J Glennester (Glenntree)

DCC, BOS & RBIS: Pearce-Gudger's Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW
RDCC: McBride's Topday Ringo Starr
BPD & BPIS: Grice's Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna
BMPD: Thomas' Claramand The Flasher
BVD & BVIS: Grice's Sh Ch Kyna By Request

BCC & BIS: Whiting's Sh Ch Annilann Miss Zing JW
RBCC: Darby's Sh Ch Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway
BPB: Roberts & Smith's Claramand Ziggeta at Rayol
BMPB & BMPIS: Becquet & Darby's Pearkim Prunella Dargess
BVB: Ellison's Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW

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Total entry:


Miss P Whitehead (Ryallcourt)

Judge's Critique (pdf)


Class 1 Puppy Dog - 6 entries
1st Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna
2nd Sharemead The Conqueror
3rd Claramand Countdown
Res Arnegale Making Memories
VHC Trinant Top Hat to Mollyfeck

Class 2 Novice Dog -2 Entries
1st Alisma Andersun
2nd Broachdale Sea Cadet

Class 3 Graduate Dog - 4 entries/1 abs
1st Amaroanne Theos
2nd Cassom Canaletto at Barnsbur
3rd Bocablue Mister Tom

Class 4 Open Dog - 5 entries
1st Abercrombie of La Vie Magnifique
2nd Sh Ch Kyna Vagabond
3rd Alisma Zacharius JW
Res PL CH Veni Vidi Vinci Esqueen PL JR CH
VHC Troubles In Paradise Prince

Class 5 Special Open Dog (other than blue roan) 2 entries/1 Abs
1 Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW


Class 6 Puppy Dog 3 entries
1 Meden Agan Obama's Style
2 Totenkopf Dutch Coultious
3 Line Sam Appealing Partner (IMP SWE)

Class 7 Novice Dog 3 entries
1 Totenkopf Dutch Coultious
2 Kerriglow Witch Craft
3 Oakrosa Saul for Castellgwyn

Class 8 Graduate Dog 3 entries/1 Abs
1 Oakrosa Raiden
2 Obsidian Spring Marvel

Class 9 Open Dog 2 entries
1 Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview
2 Thurness The Illusionist


Class 10 Puppy Dog 1 entry
1 Tarrendayle Forever Yours at Robraine (IMP AUS)

Class 11 Novice Dog 1 entry
1 Sandlauga Soul Man

Class 12 Graduate Dog 3 entries/1 abs
1 Manacas Double Ideas with Bocablue
2 Belltrees Kandyman

Class 13 Open Dog 5 entries/2 Abs
1 Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone JW
2 Narcos Du Bois D'Achelles
3 Meden Agan Lift Me Up


Class 14 Veteran Dog 10 entries/3 Abs
1 Sh Ch Kyna By Request
2 Sh Ch/Int/Bel/Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind ShCM
3 Sheigra Starstruck JW
4 Judika Arizona
5 Eur/Int Ch Gallinagos All This Time

Class 15 Minor Puppy Dog 8 entries
1 Claramand The Flasher
2 Bruxly Bandolero
3 Rayol The Editor
4 Jabrevla Mr Tetley at Joaldy
5 Totenkopf Dutch Coultious

Class 16 Puppy Dog 5 entries
1 Sharemead The Conqueror
2 Trianant Top Hat to Mollyfleck
3 I Want To Break Free with Sandlauga (IMP ITA)
4 Line Sam Appealing Partner (IMP SWE)
5 Weeping Willow's Oxford

Class 17 Junior Dog 7 entries/1 Abs
1 Joaldy Best Mate
2 Amaroanne Apollo
3 Silvery Snowball Harley
4 Kenwad Amanti Espanol
5 Kerriglow Witch Craft

Class 18 Yearling Dog 4 entries/2 Abs
1 Glowhill Silversmith for Pearkim
2 Manchela Baloo

Class 19 Maiden Dog 5 entries/1 Abs
1 Zheridons Made In China into Ziennes
2 Alisma Andersun
3 Bobby Wee Dazzler
4 Craigdean Killecrankie at Candyke

Class 20 Tyro Dog 2 entries
1 Carmelfair Magnifique at Rosecourt
2 Kenwad Amanti Espanol

Class 21 Special Beginners Dog 6 entries (2 Abs)
1 Acquelin Double Fara Flare
2 Kalispell Kisim Kelpie
3 Broachdale Sea Cadet
4 Obsidian Spring Marvel

Class 22 Postgraduate Dog 8 entries
1 Riondel Candyman JW
2 Kastrian Affection JW
3 Canyonn Classic Legacy JW
4 Wensum Jameson's On Ice
5 Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke JW

Class 23 Minor Limit Dog 7entries/1 Abs
1 Charbonnel Rich N'Famous
2 Kerriglow Game of Thrones JW
3 Corazon De Sibi Night Star (IMP ESP)
4 Chavez Royal Performance
5 Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM ShCEx

Class 24 Limit Dog 4 entries
1 Topday Ringo Starr
2 Charbonnel Ruff N'Tumble
3 Meden Agan Light My Fire
4 Broachdale Sea Cadet

Class 25 Open Dog 9 entries
1 Sh Ch Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW ShCM
2 Topday Hugo Boss JW
3 Bel Sh Ch Wigglings Peter
4 Sh Ch Gardenstone Pale Rider to Suvern JW
5 Speggle-Waggle's Zack



Judge: Mr D Shapland (Deracor)

Judge's Critique (pdf)


Class 26 Puppy Bitch - 4 entries/1 abs
1st Hebdene Harbour Nights
2nd Totenkopf Dutch Mirror Scry
3rd Ottaly De Lorme A Lieue
Res New Spirit Vom Moorsbachtal

Class 27 Novice Bitch
1st Only You De La Terre D Opale
2nd Totenkopf Dutch Mirror Scry
3rd Ophelia De L'Orme Lieue
Res Meggiemac Dollie Dexterity
VHC Chavez Royal Applause

Class 28 Graduate - 8 entries
1st Oakrosa Rhiann
2nd Quettadene Among The Stars
3rd Canyonn Could It Be Magic
Res Lujesa Daydreamer in Chimewood
VHC Thurness Timeless

Class 29 Open Bitch - 4 entries/1 abs
1st Sh Ch Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway
2nd Withiflor Wheels on Fire at Wylyeview
3rd Wiggling Pleased to Meet you


Class 30 Puppy Bitch - 2 entries
1st Whinburn Ptarmigan
2nd Hebdene Harbour Lights

Class 31 Novice Bitch - 2 entries
1st Whinburn Ptarmigan
2nd Bibury De Andaba Xey

Class 32 Graduate Bitch - 5 entries/ 1 abs
1st Zumba Vom Moorsbachtal
2nd Beechtops Golden Ticket
3rd Kastrian Illumination
Res Casadeperros Octubre

Class 33 Open Bitch 1 entry
1 Canyonn Classical Music


Class 34 Puppy Bitch 12 entries
1 Claramand Ziggeta at Rayol
2 Kyna Toyah Battersby
3 Lindridge Blue Star
4 Kyna Leanne Battersby
5 Lararth Fergie Tme

Class 35 Novice Bitch 9 entries/1 Abs
1 Creelshaugh Marianna
2 Alisma Amiable
3 Cachel Pop The Question to Meloneras
4 Fair Exchange to Oktumi
5 Snowgate Indigo Mist to Crimicar

Class 36 Graduate Bitch 9 entries/1 Abs
1 Elroamy Bottoms Up at Misperros
2 Chavez Over The Moon
3 Nulea Destiny
4 Meakwood Precious Pearl
5 Snowgate Indigo Mist to Crimicar

Class 37 Open Bitch 5 entries
1 Cassom Moonbeam JW
2 Chativore Summer Meadow over Shenjela
3 Snowgate Mood Indigo at Rayol
4 Queen of The Stone Lastug Esqueen
5 Glantreath Time To Dream

Class 38 Special Open Bitch (other than blue roan) 5 entries
1 No Limit Esqueen
2 Troubles in Paradise Poulnabrone
3 Dykere Meant To Be
4 Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill
5 Pearkim Persephone at Wensum


Class 39 Veteran Bitch 7 entries
1 Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW
2 Beechtops Double Take JW
3 Glowhill Bella Marie at Sanmatayo
4 Chalkhill Impossible Dream
5 Sh Ch Molkara Anastasia with Jozelah JW

Class 40 Minor Puppy Bitch 12 entries/2 Abs
1 Pearkim Prunella Dargess
2 Totenkopf Dutch Mirror Scry
3 Ziennes Sweet Cheeks
4 Claramand Angel Delight
5 Dash Of Magic Fabulous Future

Class 41 Puppy Bitch 13 entries/3 Abs
1 Shansart Mary Poppins
2 Sunset D'Hell Osez Dior
3 Cachel Pop The Question to Meloneras
4 Troverothway Water Colour
5 Trinant Celic Cariad

Class 42 Junior Bitch 13 entries/2 Abs
1 Zheridons Chinese Whispers
2 Penmartan Bless My Soul
3 Oakrosa Sariya
4 Oriane Du Clos Noentine
5 Troverothway Tiger Lilly

Class 43 Yearling Bitch 11 entries
1 Sh Ch Annilann Miss Zing JW
2 Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW
3 Nina Ricci De La Terre D'Opal
4 Chavez Over The Rainbow
5 Sharemead Bric A Brac

Class 44 Maiden Bitch 6 entries (2 Abs)
1 Alisma Amiable
2 Broachdale Minerva Blue
3 Sharemead Calamity Jane
4 Charlaza Sweet Jasmin for Castellgwyn

Class 45 Tyro Bitch 3 entries/1 Abs
1 Shansart Wind In The Willows
2 Carmelfair True Colours

Class 46 Special Beginners Bitch 6 entries
1 Sunzo Songstar
2 Casadeperros Octubre
3 Olibond Let Me Be The One
4 Meggiemac Dollie Dexterity
5 Clavaire Pokerface

Class 47 Postgraduate Bitch 13 entries/3 Abs
1 Chavez Royal Belief
2 Quettadene Touch The Stars JW
3 Grandtully Gabrielle
4 Sheigra Simply A Star JW
5 Charbonnel Nell N'Shapiro

Class 48 Minor Limit Bitch 4 entries/1 Abs
1 Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW
2 Kerriglow Honesty JW
3 Sheigra Super Special JW

Class 49 Limit Bitch 9 entries/3 Abs
1 Cassom Margot Fonteyn
2 Dragonfen Uptown Girl with Oakrosa
3 Miss Dior De La Terre D'Opal
4 Marika Du Clos De Noentine
5 Delindere Dressed For Fun

Class 50 Open Bitch 11 entries
1 Sh Ch Annilan Miss Sing JW
2 Sh Ch Lindridge Cupcake
3 Sh Ch Weyhill Wish List
4 Corralet Gigi iv
5 Wensum Some Like It Hot JW



Judge: Anders Carlsson (Vitahotellet)

51. Special Progeny Class 7 entries/4 Abs
1 Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW
2 Sh Ch Kyna By Request
3 Abercrombie Of La Magnifique for Claramand (IMP HU)

52. Special Brace Class 6 entries/1 Abs
1 Mrs R Dennis
2 Miss S J Whiting
3 Mrs B M Ward
4 Mrs B Harris
5 Mrs J P Fajardo

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