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General Championship & Breed Club Show Calendar 2022

On this page, you will find details of General & Group Championship Show dates as well as Breed Club Open & Championship Show dates for 2022. Judges & dates are given where known but are subject to change. If there are any errors or omissions, please let us know by emailing us


Date Society/Club Type of Show Judge
January 7 Boston & DCS CH (no CCs) Mrs S Rihoy
January 21 Manchester
CH Mr L Forfar (Glasedin)
January 29 Hants & Sussex Cocker Club CH D: Sam Hutson (Stobytill)
B: Tricia Bentley (Canigou)
January 30 West of England Cocker Club Open Ms A Cory (Ottigi)
Special awards: Miss Jennie Tracz
February 5 Coventry Cocker Club Open Judge: Anne Sutton ( Shirepark) Special Awards: Becky Collier (Pepperbox)
February 6 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club Open Ria Dennis (Oakrosa)
February 12 North Wales Cocker Club Open Tracey Sherlock (Crimicar)
February 13 Home Counties Cocker Club CH D: Miss H Dewhurst
B: Mrs W Grist
February 26 North Midlands & Eastern Counties Cocker Club CH D: David Shields (Wilholme)
B: Joanna Darby (Classicway)
March 13 CRUFTS CH D: Miss S Amos-Jones (Cassom)
B: Mr J Barney
March 19 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Becky Johnson (Downstream)
March 20 Yorkshire Cocker Club Open Miss A Friar (Sashal)
March 26 South Wales & Mon Cocker Club CH D: Mr D Shapland (Deracor)
B: Miss N Craig (Nicibec)
April 2 Midland Cocker Club CH D: Mr A Crossley (Atherbron)
B: Mrs F A Bard (Franaille)
April 10 Cocker Club of Scotland CH D: Mr T Graham (Nyrilam)
B: Mr P Read (Jardinisle)
April 17 East Anglian Cocker Society Open Bridget Harris (Chalkhill)
April 24 WELKS
CH Mr R C Wyatt (Kendalwood)
April 30 Rotherham Cocker Club Open Linda Duncan (Bartonholme)
May 1 Solid Colours Cocker Association Open MD Rahman (Chataway)
Special Awards: TBC
May 7 Birmingham Dog Show CH Mr F Kane
May 14 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club CH Mrs J Smith (Luanshya)
May 20 Scottish Kennel Club CH Mrs V Flowers (Totenkopf)
May 28 Bath CH Miss S J Ellison
May 29 Coventry Cocker Club Open Judge: Melissa Van Guyse - Apers Special Awards: Mrs Hilde Provost ( Troubles in Paradise)
June 3 Southern Counties
Mr J Irwin (Brightgrass)
June 11 Parti-Coloured Cocker Club Open Mary Hynd
June 12 Three Counties
CH Mrs J Peak
June 19 Border Union CH Mrs S M Marshall
June 25 Blackpool CH Mrs L J Robinson
June 25 North of England Cocker Club (in conjunction with Blackpool CH Show) CH Bea Robertson (Kastrian)
June 26 London Cocker Spaniel Society Open Mrs Bridgette Bodle
July 3 Windsor CH Mr A Scourfield (Danton)
July 3 Hants & Sussex Cocker Club (in conjunction with Windsor CH Show) Open Mr Jeff Buck (Clavaire)
July 10 East of England CH Ms F Glendinning
July 17 The Cocker Spaniel Club CH D: Mr N Woods
B: Mrs S Shinkfield
July 24 Leeds CH Mr C Woodward
July 31 N Midlands & Eastern Counties Cocker Club (subject to KC confirmation) Open Paula Whitham (Arrifana)
August 6 Paignton CH Jeff Horswell
August 7 National Gundog
Linda Reed (Delindere)
August 14 Bournemouth CH Mrs E A Orzel
August 14 Cocker Club of Scotland Open Mrs J Maxwell
August 18 Welsh Kennel Club CH Mr F Borg (Malta)
August 18 South Wales & Mon Cocker (in conjunction with WKC) CH D: Mr R Webb (Speechouse)
B: Mr D J Telford (Courtmaster)
August 28 Driffield CH Mr D Worgan
September 4 City of Birmingham CH Mrs A Corbett
September 4 East of Scotland Cocker Club Open Tori Ellis (Shannara)
September 11 Richmond CH Mrs P Butler-Holley
September 11 Cheshire Cocker Club Open Mrs V Taylor (Triveka)
September 18 Darlington CH Miss A Hughes
September 24
Ulster Cocker Club
Mr F Whyte (Kazval)
Mrs T Anslow (Shansart)
September 25 East Anglian Cocker Society Open Ms Monica Forsander (Manaca's) - Sweden
September 30 Gundog Breeds of Scotland

D: Mrs T Buck
B: Mrs D. Driver (Beckaby)
October 1 Scottish Kennel Club CH Mrs G J Lilley
October 7 South Wales KA CH Mrs J Eyeington (Meadowdale)
October 8 Yorkshire Cocker Club CH D: Mrs J Mitchell (Glowhill)
B: Mrs C Pearce (Miska)
October 9 West of England Cocker Club Open Mrs S Leeding (Floroyal)
October 12 Gundog of Wales CH Graham Tain (Taimere)
October 15 Home Counties Cocker Club Open Mrs Tricia Gray (Sygar)- (Trishlee) Specials: Katie Nuttall (Rosecourt)
October 23 North Wales Cocker Club CH D: Trevor Borman (Sonic)
B: Lorraine Palmer (Robraine)
October 23 Cocker Club of Scotland Open Mr G Green
October 27 Midland Counties CH Mrs A Hackett (Lindridge)
October 29 Solid Colours Cocker Association Open Leanne Challands (Annilann)
Special Awards: Joanna Kew (Wylyeview)
October 30 Cocker Club of Lancashire Open Tori Ellis (Shannara)
November 5 Rotherham Cocker Club Open Mark Dott (Manchela)
November 19 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club Open Miss B Dummett (Almondsbury)
Special Awards - Mr D Lightfoot (Joydon)
November 20 Midland Cocker Club Open Theres Johannsen - Sweden (Allerts)
December 3 London Cocker Society CH D: Sheila Ewan (Craigdean)
B: Peter Darby (Dargess)
December 11 LKA CH Mr P Carpenter




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