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BIS Line Up 2014
photo © Shel Cowles
L-R Quettadene Star Secret, Sh Ch Charbonnel Life 'N' Times, Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom

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Judges: Sally Leeding (Dogs), Andrew Jones (Bitches), (Referee) Glyn Griffith

Judge's Critique (Dogs) | Judge's Critique (Bitches) (PDF files)

DCC & BIS: Platt's Sh Ch Charbonnel Life 'N' Times JW
RDCC: Bentley's Sh Ch Canigou Rocket Science
BPD & BPIS : Amos-Jones' Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom
BMPD: Telford's Courtmaster Musicman
Hackett's Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest

BCC & RBIS : Lester's Quettadene Star Secret
RBCC: Ellison's Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW
Hillier's Coedcernyw Charisma
BMPB & BMPIS: Shinkfield's Quettadene Pearl Drop
BVB : Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Crystal Maze

Total Entry: 333 dogs

DOGS (Judge: Sally Leeding "Floroyal")

AOC Puppy
1 Haradwater Get Lucky (IMP Port)
2 Manchela Real Deal
3 Kyna Casey Jones
4 Bartonholm Saltire Express
5 Charmwen The Sorcerer

AOC Novice
1 Pearkim Philanderer
2 Bitcon One Direction at Villaspaniol
3 A 'Qui-Gon Ebony Empire at Kalispell (IMP POL)
4 Scomar Magic Flute
5 Caron Khaleesi Dragon at Mollyfleck

AOC Graduate
1 Allert's Knock Out
2 Lindridge Show Time
3 Acquelin Double Fara Flare
4 Sonham Blue Diamond
5 Deracor Dire Straits

AOC Open
1 Sh Ch Shanaz Sporran JW
2 Sh Ch Candyke Lost Among The Stars JW
3 Sh Ch/Ir Ch Travellers Joy of Malpas
4 Bel Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Black Lord Smooth Criminal Lux J Ch
5 Manaca's Up In The Sky

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Grassmillees Mr Bo Jangle
2 Sh Ch/Int Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW ShCM
3 Lynwater Belgian Chocolate JW ShCM
4 Weeping Willows Hara-Kiri at Pearim
5 Sh Ch Manaca's Here Comes The Sun for Wilmerella

Black/B & T Puppy
1 Helenwood Recognitio
2 Sharemead Tan Doori
3 Time Traveller
4 Chobedawn Whisky Johnnie at Elvenweyr

Black/B&T Novice
1 Black Lord Perfect Match
2 Lujesa License To Thrill for Luthame
3 Fendrove After Hours at Claramand
4 Christiol Mr Bumble

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Wensum Black Lightning JW
2 Kastrian Distraction
3 Hamilton De L'Orme A Lieue
4 Lochranza Fly With Seagulls
5 Atherbron Mister Trouble

Black/B&T Open
1 Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star
2 Helenwood Black Ace
3 Withiflor Northern Light JW
4 Quettadene Cosmopolitan JW ShCM
5 Ger/Lux Ch Rusty Vom Moorsbachtal

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Wightroche Rockefeller
2 Arrifana Crumpet

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Withiflor Rolling Stone
2 Jozelah Marinho
3 Manacas Ideas For Life with Bocablue
4 Arrifana Crumpet

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Sheigra Stargazer JW
2 Manacas Ideas For Life with Bocablue

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Illusion JW
2 Merry Cocktails Manager by Claramand (IMP SWE)
3 Black Lord Stop Me If You Can
4 Luthame Mr Bond JW

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Black Lord Stop Me If You Can

1 Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest
2 Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3 Molkara Allegiance to Silverdust JW ShCM
4 Cascadia I Chico at Beechtops
5 Claramand Never Look Back

Minor Puppy
1 Courtmaster Musicman
2 Miska Mission Impossible
3 Alisma Zacharius
4 Sharemead Tan Doori
5 Wensum Jameson's On Ice

1 Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom
2 Manchela Real Deal
3 Bartonholm Saltire Express
4 1 Timmy Boy du Domaine D'Unlady
5 Courtmaster Wizard of Oz

1 Charbonnel Memory
2 Snowgate Parti Goer
3 Allert's Knock Out
4 Kalispell Beaspoke JW
5 Sonham Blue Diamond

1 Glowhill Silver Spur
2 Lindridge Smart Move
3 Chavez Royal Dreamer
4 Sonham Blue Diamond
5 Black Lord Perfect Match

1 Withiflor Rolling Stone
2 Jayzander Lets Tan Again
3 Shanaz Blether

1 Black Lord Paint In Black for Claramand (IMP CRO)
2 Allert's Knock Out
3 Falconer's Democrat of Ware
4 Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo
5 Sandlauga Man of Fashion

Special Beginners
1 Backaby Lunar Shadow
2 Mystical Milow at Chanmalo
3 Deracor Dire Straits
4 Claramand Rough Copy at Villaspaniol
5 Scomar Magic Flute

1 Alisma Adley JW
2 Helenwood Integrity JW
3 Judika Colorado JW
4 Hebdene High Flyer
5 Staplehill Swingtime

Minor Limit
1 Judika Arizona
2 Kenan Kumon JW
3 Wightroche Hugh Dunnit
4 Mystical Milow at Chanmalo
5 Craigdean Rocket Man

1 Sharemead The Sultan
2 Zareepiott Sea Spray
3 Weirdene Wake Up at Helenwood JW
4 Marquell McCready by Kalrizienne
5 Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya

1 Sh Ch Charbonnel Life 'N' Times JW
2 Sh Ch Canigou Rocket Science
3 Sh Ch Olibond Remember Me JW
4 Francini's Day By Day
5 French Connection

BITCHES (Judge: Andrew Jones "Shenmore")

Black/B&T Puppy
1 Molkara Reveille
2 Glenntree Arrabella
3 Pendledell Flirt in A Skirt
4 Shadowside Yes Miss

Black/B&T Novice
1 Withiflor Wheels On Fire
2 Daisy Crazy Vom Moorsbachtal
3 Beechtops Majestic
4 Kastrian Temptation
5 Izia De L'Orme A Lieue

Black/B&T Graduate
1 Weirdene Wizadora at Helenwood
2 Black Lord Sweet Dream

Black/B&T Open
1 Sh Ch Weyhill Isabella JW
2 Sh Ch Dillonpark Peroni JW
3 Hella De L'Orme A Lieue
4 Gallinagos As It Is

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Puppy
1 Kalispell Karry On
2 Weeping Willows Ishika
3 Sharemead Golden Locks
4 Ice Tea Du Bois D'Achelles

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Novice
1 Kalispell Karry On

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Graduate
1 Helenwood Gift Wrapped JW
2 Sunzo Songbird
3 Glenntree Shakadi Robraine
4 Grandtully All That Jazz
5 Hebdene Heirloom

Red/Gold/Liver/L&T Open
1 Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW
2 Canyonn Classic Harmony
3 Isabella Du Domaine D'Haisha

AOC Puppy
1 Kyna Supertramp
2 Ryallcourt Thrifty
3 Kyna Billy Jean
4 Kyna Sophie Loren
5 Pearkim Platina

AOC Novice
1 Amarillo Starlight of Carmelfair
2 Clavaire La Traviata
3 Kalrizienne's Zazzle
4 Whitfield's When U Wish Upon A Star
5 Chativore Curiosity

AOC Graduate
1 Glowhill Miss Saigon
2 Glasfryn Angelina JW
3 Clavaire La Traviata
4 Olbond Let Me Be The One
5 Northquest Dancing Star Over Springstein

AOC Open
1 Dykere Lavender Blue for Manchela JW
2 Sh Ch Candyke Lady Oh JW
3 Kalrizienne's Zheva Glenntree
4 Kirlinjis Little Mermaid JW
5 Shanaz Oaty

Special Open Particolour (Other than Blue Roan)
1 Charmwen Tri My Best For Ryallcourt JW

Any Colour

Special Working
1 Gallinagos As It Is

1 Sh Ch Helenwood Crystal Maze
2 Quintavia Stars in Her Eyes JW
3 Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood
4 Springstein Stars Delight at Beckaby
5 Wilmerella Wave Dancer at Melandroy

Minor Puppy
1 Quettadene Pearl Drop TAF
2 Charbonnel Dream Jeanie
3 Carlundie's Yaris
4 Charbonnel Another Dream
5 Meakwood Precious Moments

1 Coedcernyw Charisma
2 Molkara Reveille
3 Pearkim Privileged
4 Cachel Party Piece
5 Bartonholm Nobody's Girl

1 Lourisma Shabby Chic JW
2 Doubtless Pillow Talk (IMP SERB)
3 Canigou Sun Tanned
4 Penmartan Secret's Out
5 Daisy Crazy Vom Moorsbachtal

1 Wensum Some Like It Hot JW
2 Carmelfair Dorada
3 Canigou Brigh Tan Beautiful
4 Alisma Arisian
5 Clavaire La Traviata

1 Withiflor Wheels On Fire
2 Lujesa Obrigada
3 Clavaire La Traviata
4 Ashalon Strawberry Blonde
5 Claramand Black Angel at Lilyvale

1 Troubles In Paradise Mac-Illtellmema
2 Carmelfair Dorada
3 Clavaire La Traviata
4 Lujesa Sofia to Chimewood
5 Lochranza Trouble in Store for Atherbron

Special Beginners
1 Reemif Ice Ice Baby
2 Clavaire La Traviata
3 Olibond Let Me Be The One
4 Sandlauga Lexii Foxx

1 Canyonn Classic Destiny JW
2 Ryallcourt Painted Lace JW
3 Wigglings Inevitable
4 Kastrian Eternity JW
5 Sheigra Shining Star JW

Minor Limit
1 Clavaire Azzura with Shannara
2 Molkara Anastasia with Jozelah JW
3 Shanaz Double Nugget
4 Molkara Vuvuzela
5 Miska Razzle Dazzle

1 Quettadene Star Secret JW
2 Molkara Escala
3 Cachel French Kiss
4 Sunset D'Hell Gessy
5 Canigou Abba Nice Day at Annaside

1 Sh Ch Lujesa Starry Eyed JW
2 Marburys Fabulous Me at Tillarn
3 Sandlauga Lexii Foxx
4 Evaremoc Dark Diamond
5 Freestone Twist of Aniseed

The Phylis Masters Special Brace Class

Judge: Mr John Evans (Joneva)
1 Mrs M Lockwood
2 Mrs G Pearce-Gudger
3 Mrs D & Miss E Pilkington
4 Mrs D & Mr G Driver

President's Special Award Classes

Judge: Mr John Evans (Joneva)

Class A Special Puppy Dog/Bitch
1 Kyna Supertramp
2 Charmwen The Sorcerer
3 Molkara Reveille
4 Sharemead Golden Locks
5 Kyna Swagman

Class B Special Beginners Dog/Bitch
1 Bartonholm Nobody's Girl
2 Beechtops Majestic
3 Claramand Never Look Back
4 Charbonnel Show N Tell at Shenjela
5 Rojoys Take It Easy

Class C Special Open Dog/Bitch
1 Glowhill Silver Spur
2 Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Illusion JW
3 Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck ShCM
4 Sheigra Mr Snuggles at Edaisy
5 Beechtops Double Take JW


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